Who We Are

Massage Chair Max is the main Online Distribution Platform of the Alpha Vitality Group with headquarters in Atlanta USA, through its E-commerce site www.massagechiarmax.it it guarantees simplicity, information and speed in purchasing, while with the chain of affiliations with European companies, makes it possible to give 360-degree Guarantees and Assistance to customers in the European territory.

Logistics Network in Europe

Why choose Massage Chair Max?

In always guaranteeing the innovations and the avant-garde technologies of its products, in addition to the Ergonomic study, the Massage Chair Max selects and qualifies the most important production partners worldwide who make them according to the Technical Specifications provided by the Massage Chair Max in order to give the utmost seriousness and guarantee of the products to our customers.

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We offer worldwide fast shipping to our customers

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We lead innovators in luxury, high quality massage chairs

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We offer quality luxury massage chair at affordable price

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We offer secure & fast payment that gives you a peace of mind